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Project Description
This is intended to be a gallery for WPF Style sheets in the form of Css Zen Garden.

The css world has the css zen garden to showcase what can be done.

This project is intended to be the home of an equivalent community for wpf styles.

The rule of submission to this project is that anyone is free to use the samples in their applications (so images and other resources need to be free to distribute).

To start with the basic demo app consists of a single button, a list of xaml files and a few paragraphs of Ipsum Lorem.

I am not claiming to be anything other than a beginner at WPF (I founded this project after less than I weeks exposure).

The starting point of this project is a trivial wpf application (called skinme) that loads xaml files specified as command-line parameters.
It assumes that the xaml file is in the same directory as the application.

Once this project gets some traction I may create a more sophisticated app, but this is a great starting point.

I am looking for contributions

[Sample Scripts]

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